Mary Beth Edelson Celebrated the Goddess Within

Is there a being more fecund than a fly? The feminist conceptual artist Mary Beth Edelson seized brilliantly on the fly’s dark and secretive fecundity in her mythological pantheon that combines animals, insects, and manifold manifestations of the goddess figure. A fly is wanton in its appetites, aggressive and free, perhaps even obscene in its … Read more

Artist Mary Lovelace O’Neal Delivers Rousing Talk at Expo Chicago –

For over six decades, Mary Lovelace O’Neal’s artistic practice has continually changed and evolved. “I look at the work now, and I go, ‘Wow, that girl sure could paint,’ because it’s the truth,” she said during a conversation at Expo Chicago on Thursday with Jamillah James, recently appointed senior curator at the Museum of Contemporary … Read more

Mary Frank’s Figures Meld Facts and Wonder –

One of my first truly profound art experiences was with a sculpture by Mary Frank. I was twenty years old, and an intern at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse. The museum’s collection of twentieth-century ceramics is one of the best anywhere, and there were many works that I found revelatory: Adelaide Alsop Robineau’s … Read more