Meet Yuta Niwa, Japanese Painter Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Art –

Painter Yuta Niwa, like many young Japanese artists, incorporates traditional painting techniques and materials into his work, such as Japanese traditional paper, ink, pigments, and Nikawa glue. Niwa deals with disasters such as earthquakes and infectious diseases using giant salamanders and catfishes as motifs. In his graduate thissis project, he depicted the devastation of four … Read more

Meet 23-Year-Old Curator Daisy Sanchez:”I’m not a legend, I’m a rumor” –

I first came across Daisy Sanchez as a teenager when I followed her on Tumblr, where she posted art she had skimmed from online archives, along with pictures of her life in New York, dark musings on her past, and text-posts about artwork she loved. The way Sanchez communicated about art was ridden with a … Read more

Meet Magritte | Apollo Magazine

This review of Magritte: A Life by Alex Danchev (Profile Books) was published in the January 2022 issue of Apollo. Preview and subscribe here. René Magritte is thought of as a ‘placid petit bourgeois who kept a modest house in a nondescript Brussels suburb’, writes Alex Danchev in his posthumously published biography. Certainly, Magritte liked … Read more