Lourdes Grobet, Iconic Mexican Photographer of Lucha Libre, Dies at 81

Lourdes Grobet, “La Venus” from the series La double lucha (The double struggle) (1981–1982), black-and-white photograph, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; purchased through the Board of Advisors Acquisition Fund (© Lourdes Grobet, photo courtesy Hammer Museum) Lourdes Grobet, the Mexican artist whose photographs celebrated the world of lucha libre with dignity and candor, died on July … Read more

Mexican Artists and Designers Take Over Rockefeller Center

Most New Yorkers aren’t fazed by much. But when Brian Thoreen told a group of locals that he and a crew of construction folks were hoisting and foisting with forklifts smack in the center of Rockefeller Center, they gasped. On Tuesday, May 10, the artist and design dealer stayed up until 4am hanging the clothes … Read more

Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza Blends Mexican Food, Art, and Culture

PHOENIX — Pristine white plates frame the Mexican cuisine created by Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza, whose dishes infused with pops of color echo the artworks filling the walls inside her Barrio Café. Opened northeast of downtown Phoenix in 2002, it’s a hub for arts and activism, where Esparza counters colonizer narratives through cooking, culture, and … Read more

Mexican Modernism Was More Than Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

PORTLAND, OR — The preview for the Portland Art Museum’s Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism was a polite affair. The ample gallery rooms were quiet, the only noise the faint hush of affluent viewers murmuring to each other, shaking hands. The 150-artwork show was most recently exhibited at the Norton Museum of Art … Read more

Mexican Activists Swap Museum Audio Guides to Demand Repatriation of Ancient Headdress

Over the course of January, two Mexican sur aided by local youth brought around 50 of their own audio guides into the Weltmuseum in Vienna — completely unbeknownst to the museum. The guides were indistinguishable from the official ones proffered by the institution, with one notable exception: They called for the repatriation of quetzalāpanecayōtl, an … Read more