New Mexico’s First Risograph Studio Is All About Community

ALBUQUERQUE — With New Mexico’s rich history in printmaking, as well as an enduring culture of screen printing and design through Chicanx social activism movements, it’s surprising that there has never been a publicly accessible risograph anywhere in the state, until now. Risolana is a community risograph studio located in the South Valley neighborhood of … Read more

Memorializing Blackdom, New Mexico’s First All-Black Town

LAS CRUCES, NM — Freedom Colonies and all-Black towns were established throughout the United States following the Emancipation Proclamation. The first instance of an all-Black town in New Mexico, named Blackdom, was founded around 1903 and stood 20 miles outside the city of Roswell. By 1918, it had a town square, a post office, church, … Read more