A Century of the Artist’s Studio Is a Peek Into the Artist’s Mind

LONDON β€” Fancy visiting an artist’s studio? The French are good at this sort of thing. Try the Left Bank of Paris. There, you can hobnob with the lively ghosts of Brancusi, Zadkine, and Delacroix. All their studios are within walking distance of each other. There is one problem that these spaces all share, though: … Read more

Painting that Exhilarates the Eye and Mind

Under the rule of tolerant Muslims, Indian artists of the Mughal Empire (1526–c. 1857) developed a highly distinctive aesthetic. Court, Epic, Spirit: Indian Art 15th–19th Century at Luhring Augustine, in association with Francesca Galloway, demonstrates how very varied their painted subjects were. The works, loosely organized around the title’s three themes, encompassing battle scenes, such … Read more