Kehinde Wiley Addresses Vulnerability and Resilience in a New Series of Monumental Portraits and Bronze Figures

Art #art history #bronze #oil painting #portraits April 27, 2022 Grace Ebert “The Wounded Achilles (Fillipo Albacini)” (2022), oil on canvas, 70 1/8 x 107 7/8 inches. All images © Templon, Paris –Brussels, shared with permission In 2008, artist Kehinde Wiley (previously) exposed the violence against Black bodies in a series of majestic portraits titled … Read more

A Monumental, Feminist Textile Work, Cobbled Together by Mail

DUBLIN — At 21 by 15 feet, Rachel Fallon’s and Alice Maher’s “monumental textile sculpture,” titled “The Map,” across is the only object in the room, cutting diagonally Rua Red Gallery’s main space. “It was important that it wasn’t a wall hanging, that it had some corporality, that you had to negotiate the space,” shared … Read more