In Historic Agreement, Five Native Tribes Will Co-Manage Bears Ears National Monument

On Friday, June 18, the United States government formally signed an agreement to co-manage Bears Ears National Monument alongside the Five Tribes of the Bears Ears Commission — a trailblazing consortium of leaders representing the Hopi Tribe, Navajo Nation, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Pueblo of Zuni, and Ute Indian Tribe. Members from the Bureau of … Read more

Harvard Holds Remains of 7,000 Native Americans and 19 Possible Enslaved People, Leaked Draft Says

The Harvard Crimson student newspaper says it has obtained a leaked draft report in which Harvard University acknowledges that it holds the remains of four likely enslaved people not previously accounted for, bringing the total human remains of possibly enslaved people in the school’s collections up to 19. Previously, the university had only acknowledged the … Read more

50 Years of Contemporary Native Art at Santa Fe’s Institute of American Indian Arts

SANTA FE, NM — In 1962, the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) was founded in Santa Fe, marking a pivotal year for contemporary Indigenous arts on Turtle Island. IAIA was and is a revolutionary educational space with a core philosophy of celebrating difference, which was developed by the organization’s first art director Lloyd Kiva … Read more

Don’t Fear a Red Planet, Selections From the World’s Only Native American Comic Shop

ALBUQUERQUE — Opened in June 2017, Red Planet Books and Comics is the only Native American comic shop in the world and only one of six Native-owned bookstores in the US. Our mission has always been to curate and recommend the most dynamic and authentic Native-centric books, graphic novels, comics, games, and toys to a … Read more

The Never-Ending Storytelling of Native American Jewelry and Its Makers

Denise Wallace, “Origins, Roots, and Sources: Past, Present, and Future” (2021), five piece belt, sterling silver, 14K gold, fossilized walrus tusk, lapis, petrified dinosaur bone, red coral, gold feldspar, and black moonstone, 3 ½ x 12 ½ inches (not including leather belt) (photo by Kiyoshi Togashi, courtesy the artist) SANTA FE, NM — Each summer, … Read more

Connection, Contemplation, and Contested Histories in Contemporary Native American and Indigenous Art

LOS ANGELES — The jangle of horses reverberates through the long, narrow corridor that leads to the entrance of Various Small Fires. The sound conjures up images of dusty trails, as the rhythm of the horses’ gait accentuates your own footsteps, creating an overwhelming sensation of being corralled between the two walls. At the end … Read more