Massive NYC Gallery Opening Draws Crowds and Cops in “Fuck-You” to Landlords

Last week’s exhibition opening at O’Flaherty’s, the East Village gallery co-founded by artist Jamian Juliano-Villani and longtime collaborators Billy Grant and Ruby Zarsky, drew massive crowds of over 1,000 by some estimates — and like any good party, it was shut down by the cops almost immediately. Photos of the pandemonium elicit palpable New York-is-back … Read more

As NYC Slashes School Budgets, Art Teachers Are Feeling the Squeeze

Students in an art class at MS 821 Sunset Park Prep in Brooklyn (photo by and courtesy Olivia Swisher) On June 13, Paul Trust was called into the principal’s office at the PS 39 elementary school in Park Slope, Brooklyn, where he had taught music for over a decade. In the meeting, the school’s administration … Read more

Ancient Arms and Armor Turned Into NFTs at Explorers Club NYC Event –

If you wanted the chance to wield a medieval sword in person, you might have missed your shot; However, there’s still an opportunity to experience these objects in augmented reality (AR) and to purchase them as NFTs. As part of this week’s NFT.NYC conference, the world’s largest private collection of ancient arms and armor was … Read more

Beware! Horror Film Master Dario Argento Is Coming to NYC

From Suspiria (1977), dir. Dario Argento (all images courtesy Film at Lincoln Center) In the fall of 2019, when Film at Lincoln Center’s extensive Dario Argento retrospective was first scheduled to premiere, it seemed possible to catch a screening of Suspiria in New York City without even intending to. When the 1977 film wasn’t showing … Read more

NYC Art Teachers Fight for Better Working Conditions 

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, New York City’s public schools have been in a crisis. School shutdowns, in-person instruction, mask mandates, and curricular controversies are just a few of the problems facing the United Federation of Teachers (UFT), which represent about 75,000 teachers throughout New York state. Despite these issues, UFT President Michael Mulgrew has … Read more

NYC Exhibition Invites Viewers to Go for a Nap 

An overhead camera remains fixed on several asymmetrical, reddish tables. Atop the jaunty tables rest orderly groups of items — a grid of plastic baggies; a line of paper packets — whose details aren’t discernible from this camera vantage. The unventful scene is live streamed on Twitch as part of Sprout Hinge Nap Wobble, a … Read more

A Tall and Skinny NYC Skyscraper Is Being Compared to a Coffee Stirrer

Space travel may be the newest status symbol for the wealthy elite, but possibilities have opened up for people not quite mega-rich enough to put their money all the way into the outer stratosphere. Luckily, the very rich can still waste tremendous amounts of resources to get pretty high in the air by moving into … Read more

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Proposes Slashing Culture Funds by $72 Million

In early March, New York Mayor Eric Adams released a blueprint for a plan to rebuild the city’s economy after two devastating years of COVID-19. Recognizing that arts and culture are key catalysts for the recovery of the city’s financial health, the plan announced a “Culture at Risk” response team to assist arts and nightlife … Read more