A Show Traces Philip Guston’s Impact on Contemporary Artists

LONDON — A common challenge facing curators of straightforward scholarly exhibitions is the compulsion to prove the influence of artist A on artist or movement B. This often stretches credibility, as select examples are supported by some heavy lifting in the captioning. A Thing for the Mind at commercial gallery Timothy Taylor takes an altogether … Read more

Philip Hewat Jaboor (1953–2022) | Apollo Magazine

Philip Hewat-Jaboor (1953–2022) was a pillar of the world of decorative arts, design and collecting. An art advisor and chairman of Masterpiece Art Fair, he began his professional life in the furniture department at Sotheby’s Belgravia, where his keen eye and talent were spotted by the auction house’s then chairman Peter Wilson. In 1979, Philip … Read more

Philip Smith Leans Into Psychic Forces in Paintings at Miami’s Primary – ARTnews.com

Philip Smith has always seemed the oddball of the “Pictures” generation. In theory, he worked with all the right ingredients: a generic sign system of illustrations resembling those of instruction manuals, a way of painting that ironically highlights mark-making and the medium itself, and compositions that mimic diagrams, charts, and other pedagogical tools . And … Read more