Why Is a Virtual Veronese Artwork at a Physical Museum?

LONDON — In late 2020 Marina Abramovic sold via Christie’s what was billed as a “world first”: a Mixed Reality artwork viewed through a VR headset in which a hologram of the artist stepped into the viewer’s immediate environment, like a souped up Pokemon Go. Its ambition was to bring the artist’s “presence” to anyone … Read more

Playground Looks at the Psychological and Physical Carnage of Childhood

A boy around nine and a girl around seven clutch each other on the asphalt. “Don’t worry,” says the elder to the younger, her cheeks striped with tears. They are a modern-day Hansel and Gretel lost in the woods, the trees replaced with strangers, birdsong swapped for chaotic shrieks. Their father does not abandon them, … Read more