Justine Kurland Cuts the Male Canon to Pieces

Justine Kurland, “Nudes (Second Chance)” (2021), all images from SCUMB Manifesto (courtesy the artist and MACK) Justine Kurland’s SCUMB Manifesto is the photo book to end all photo books — literally. SCUMBwhich stands for Society for Cutting Up Men’s Books, is Kurland’s homage to Valerie Solanas’s infamous, semi-satirical 1967 manifesto, which advocated for the destruction … Read more

Bits and Pieces of Our Mortality

I imagine that most viewers of Vik Muniz’s current show Scraps at Sikkema Jenkins gallery will be attracted to this work. It tempts that implicit human tendency to fill in the blanks, complete that is partial, fragmentary. Christopher Nolan (director of Mento, Inceptionand Interstellar films) may owe his success as a filmmaker to this trait: … Read more