The Problems and Pleasures of an Activist Art Exhibition

The meaning of “activism” has shifted in the age of social media. What originally stood for dedicated advertising work has become an aesthetic reference point for online debates. Corporations, small businesses, and celebrity influencers now adopt activist personae to position themselves as thought leaders in their industries, effectively limiting its meaning to where and how … Read more

The Deeply Satisfying Pleasures of Harriet Korman’s Paintings

You don’t need to use a lot of colors to be a great colorist. This became obvious when I saw the exhibition Harriet Korman: New Work at Thomas Erben Gallery (February 24–April 9, 2022), her fourth with the gallery. To further define the singularity of Korman’s achievement, in contrast to many other abstract artists of … Read more

The Pleasures of Slow Looking

Initially inspired by Mary Heilmann’s seemingly casual approach to abstraction, Jule Korneffel has moved steadily deeper into her own territory. In her debut exhibition at Spencer Brownstone in March 2019, Korneffel told Jamie Martinez in Arte Fuse that she was after a “calm joy.” Her paintings consisted of thinly layered matte grounds on which she … Read more