Betsy Kaufman Puts Pressure on Geometric Abstraction

Describing Betsy Kaufman’s paintings and drawings, the art critic John Yau wrote in 2016 that “alignment and slippage (or non-alignment) are constantly at play.” Yau’s aperçu touched on Kaufman’s reprise of geometric abstraction, a genre that has often seemed exhausted, but which Kaufman reanimated with gusto. Her zest for color and pressing the grid, in … Read more

UK’s National Portrait Gallery Ends BP Sponsorship as British Museum Faces Pressure

The National Portrait Gallery (NPG) in London and the British oil and gas giant BP announced today that they would not renew their partnership beyond December 2022, when their current contract is set to expire. The announcement marks the end of the three decades of BP’s sponsorship of the NPG, the United Kingdom’s flagship museum … Read more