A Faux Sweetgreen Storefront in Chinatown Probes the Racial Dynamics of Labor

For two weeks in July, there was a new Sweetgreen storefront in Manhattan’s Dimes Square. During its brief run, it offered longtime Chinatown residents and hipster artistic denizens alike a glint at what their lives could be, enhanced with the presence of a local Sweetgreen: healthy, well, and graced elegantly by a touch of Minimalist … Read more

Stephanie Syjuco Probes Power Dynamics in Museum Archives at Ryan Lee – ARTnews.com

The centerpiece of “Latent Images,” Stephanie Syjuco’s recent exhibition at Ryan Lee in New York, was a 2021– work called Partial Anarchival Index (Working Platform). It comprises a modular configuration of low wooden tables, strewn with pictures printed on paper at a variety of scales and clustered into evidently methodical (if not immediately meaningful) groupings. … Read more

Suchitra Mattai Probes the Monstrous Misperceptions Around Immigrant Identity

What can monsters illuminate about the experience that many immigrants face in new nations? Indo-Caribbean mixed-media artist Suchitra Mattai explores this question in Herself as Another, her first solo exhibition at Hollis Taggart in Chelsea. Building on her recent exhibition at Unit London, titled Monster (January 11 to February 12, 2022), Mattai incorporates found objects, … Read more

Shannon Ebner Probes Language and Myth of America at Kaufmann Repetto – ARTnews.com

As a young MFA student at Yale in the late 1990s, Shannon Ebner set out on a pilgrimage to Nova Scotia to find her hero, Robert Frank. The Swiss artist’s black-and-white photobook The Americans (1958) became a defining social-critical document of postwar American life, and the English edition often includes an introduction by Jack Kerouac: … Read more