Kehinde Wiley Addresses Vulnerability and Resilience in a New Series of Monumental Portraits and Bronze Figures

Art #art history #bronze #oil painting #portraits April 27, 2022 Grace Ebert “The Wounded Achilles (Fillipo Albacini)” (2022), oil on canvas, 70 1/8 x 107 7/8 inches. All images © Templon, Paris –Brussels, shared with permission In 2008, artist Kehinde Wiley (previously) exposed the violence against Black bodies in a series of majestic portraits titled … Read more

Indigenous Resilience and Futurism in The Hamptons

SOUTHAMPTON, NY — Long before the dawn of the 21st century, Indigenous artists in what is currently known as the Americas had been envisioning our collective future. Wampanoag stories predict the return of a monumental figure named Moshop, who provided sustenance for their people and disappeared after promising to return when needed. In 2016, the … Read more