Woman Finds 2,000-Year-Old Roman Bust at a Texas Goodwill

Taking home the “Portrait of a Man” bust after purchasing it at an Austin Goodwill. That bust has seen some things, man. (image courtesy Laura Young) Most of us head to Goodwill with the intention of finding some retro fashions, affordable furnishings, or kitschy kitchenware. Almost none of us expect to find a centuries-old marble … Read more

Large Roman Mosaic Discovered in Central London

MOLA archaeologists at work on the mosaic unearthed in Southwark (all images ©MOLA and Andy Chopping; courtesy MOLA) We all muddle through life with the dim awareness that our daily goings and doings are preceded by thousands of years of human activity, but it is only rarely that we encounter tangible evidence of this ancient … Read more