3 Tips to Navigate Sharing a Room With Another Teacher

Have you ever found yourself sharing your art room with another teacher? Maybe you found out ahead of time, or perhaps you learned just days before the first day of school. Sharing a room with a colleague, whether a fellow art teacher or from another subject, can create excitement, nervousness, or any combination of feelings. … Read more

How to Integrate Real-World Connections and Applications in the Art Room

The art room is a great place to explore, create, and use your imagination. It can also be a wonderful place for students to broaden their scope and breadth of knowledge. Incorporating other skills, subjects, and connections into an art lesson can promote a student’s critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. It can also reinforce … Read more

27 Ways to Design an Inviting, Functional, and Flexible Art Room

The art room is a special place where form must meet function. After all, it is a production facility! Students churn out dozens of artworks daily, and art teachers juggle competing demands to run a smooth operation. To top it all off, the needs of today’s students may expand to include more accommodations than ever … Read more

3 Strategies to Help Students Find Their Voice in the Art Room

Art teachers everywhere are familiar with students who want to give the “right” answer: “What do? you think I should do?” “What will get me the best grade?” “I don’t care. Can you tell me what to do?” The struggle lies in encouraging students to find their voice and become self-sufficient and self-assured. This need … Read more

What Is Trauma-Informed Teaching, and What Does It Look Like in the Art Room?

Home / What Is Trauma-Informed Teaching, and What Does It Look Like in the Art Room? The following article is written by an art educator. We recognize that art teachers are not licensed therapists, counselors, etc. If you are experiencing concerns about trauma and mental health in your classroom, please seek assistance from professional school … Read more

How to Guide Students to Be Responsible Digital Citizens in the Art Room

Gen Z is the current generation of students. They are the first generation to have around-the-clock access to the internet and other advanced technologies. Because of that, they are often referred to as “digital citizens.” A digital citizen uses the internet regularly and effectively to gather, learn, and share information. Because the internet and technology … Read more

3 Ways to Make an Impact in the Art Room With Resident Artists

Art teachers are like creative superheroes. From mastering blind contour drawings to effortlessly throwing a bowl on the pottery wheel, we can do it all, and we can do it in front of an audience. Your skills range to address the wide variety of classes and projects that fall under your curriculum. So what happens … Read more

3 Subtly Effective Ways to Manage Screen Time in the Art Room

Have you ever walked into your classroom and seen a bunch of students scrambling to put their phones away? Or do you have students asking for computers to “look something up” because they want ideas for a drawing? On the one hand, students seem to know the expectations about screen use. On the other, they … Read more

Bring Sports Into the Art Room With the Help of Uni-Watch’s Paul Lukas

People may have been surprised when baseball pitcher and five-time Cy Young Award winner Randy Johnson announced his second career as a photographer. Or, when actor Terry Crews shared that he relied on selling paintings to get by financially while bouncing between teams in the NFL. In reality, art and sports have always been intertwined. … Read more