5 Innovative Sculpture Ideas for Art Rooms that Lack Storage Space

Sculpture, and three-dimensional art in general, can be a fantastic art form for students to explore. This type of art-making has been around for thousands of years. In fact, some of these three-dimensional artworks are the oldest artifacts that have stood the test of time. Venus of Willendorf, Moai of Easter Islandand The Great Sphinx … Read more

Aesthetica Magazine – Light, Shadow, Sculpture

Illusions, reflections and tricks of the light have long entered us. The Victorian parlor trick Pepper’s Ghost is one such example. The technique – often used in the theater, cinema, amusement parks, museums, television and concerts – is a way to create an image appear out of nowhere. A real or recorded image is reflected … Read more

Public sculpture in the UK

Art UK’s newly-launched catalog of British public sculpture is an extraordinary achievement. It features more than 13,500 works, ranging from realistic statues of politicians, writers and other people of note to abstract sculptures, as well as war memorials, mosaics, murals, busts, plaques and other types of monuments or public art. (The cataloging of sculptures in … Read more

Montauk Art Space to Show Never-Before-Seen Frank Stella Sculpture – ARTnews.com

When the pandemic hit in 2020, some members of the New York elite fled Manhattan for the Hamptons. The art world followed them there in the summer afterward, opening up outposts and shipping out art. In the time since then, some galleries, like Van de Weghe, have closed up shop. Yet other spaces are here … Read more

Russian Artist Faces Three-Year Jail Sentence for Sculpture Said to “Rehabilitate Nazism”

Oleg Kulik, a popular contemporary Russian artist, is facing a three-year sentence over a 2018 sculpture he exhibited at the Art Moscow fair last month. Following claims by Russian officials that the sculpture mocked a Soviet-era World War II memorial, an investigation is now underway, with the artist accused of “rehabilitation of Nazism.” Under Russian … Read more

Hélio Oiticica’s Central Park Installation Comes to Socrates Sculpture – ARTnews.com

When he arrived in New York in the early 1970s, the late Brazilian artist Hélio Oiticica dreamed of creating a large-scale outdoor public installation for the city. Sitting outside a traditional arts institution, the work was meant to challenge what art could be by creating a space that would actively engage the public by inviting … Read more

Is Touching Sculpture Sexier After Zoom Fatigue?

NEW HAVEN — Has COVID-19 altered the direction of contemporary sculpture? Perhaps that’s a grandiose question. But all the works in Next Day Soup, Yale’s 2022 Sculpture Graduate Thesis Show, exude an enticing tactility. They are begging to be touched. After all the Zoom fatigue, social isolation, no-hugging rules, and gripping fears that have overshadowed … Read more

Boston University Presents 2022 MFA Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Design Thesis Exhibitions

Posted inSponsored Celebrate the work of this year’s graduating class and join us at BU Art Galleries on April 15 for the public opening reception for the Graphic Design show. Installation view of last year’s MFA Thesis Exhibitions at Boston University Art Galleries’s Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery (photo by Julia Featheringill) Boston … Read more

Losing Ourselves in Liz Larner’s Shapeshifting Sculpture

I was recently listening to an Anne Carson talking on corners. Given at CUNY in 2018, the poet-classicist’s talk floatily triangulated between the introduction of a third actor in Sophoclean plays (corners move narrative forward), her father’s inability to orient himself amid mounting dementia (corners help us locate ourselves), and the corner as a form … Read more