Searching for Healing in Postwar Art

Franciszka Themerson, “Topography of Aloneness” (1962), oil on canvas, 48 ​​x 72 inches (all photos Olivia McEwan/Hyperallergic) LONDON — We often think of stalwart names like Graham Sutherland or Paul Nash when we think of British War artists. Postwar Modern: New Art in Britain 1945–1965 At the Barbican, however, it was conceived by curator Jane … Read more

Searching for a More Inclusive History of Ornament

What do tattoos, wallpaper, graffiti, and cake decorations have in common? They can all be considered forms of ornament, detailed embellishments that have added complexity and beauty to surfaces for millenia. But while this ancient art form often contains deep meaning, European modernist theory attempted to erase ornament from the design world. A staunch believer … Read more