Turn Your Writing into Art with a Great Calligraphy Set – ARTnews.com

Imagine a dozen or so people bent over paper, each one doing both the same thing as the others and doing something entirely different. This is “A Brush with Silence,” a live exhibition created by artist and calligrapher Brody Neuenschwander, which gathers calligraphers who write in a range of languages ​​and scripts. Attendees can observe … Read more

The Best Set of Black Disposable Drawing Pens for Artists and Writers – ARTnews.com

Once limited to dip pens and, by the 1960s, to beautiful but finicky refillable pens (like the Rapidograph) or cartridge pens (like the Staedtler Mars), artists, architects, and illustrators can now choose from a wide range of disposable drawing pens. Although these days most drafting is done on computers, drawing pens are more popular than … Read more

Iconic Warhol Marilyn Could Fetch $200 Million, Set Records for 20th-Century Art

An iconic 1964 silkscreen portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol, estimated at $200 million — which, if achieved, would make the painting the most expensive 20th-century painting to be sold at auction — is headed to Christie’s in May. Titled “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn,” the painting belongs to a series commonly known as the … Read more