5 Innovative Sculpture Ideas for Art Rooms that Lack Storage Space

Sculpture, and three-dimensional art in general, can be a fantastic art form for students to explore. This type of art-making has been around for thousands of years. In fact, some of these three-dimensional artworks are the oldest artifacts that have stood the test of time. Venus of Willendorf, Moai of Easter Islandand The Great Sphinx … Read more

Queer Arts Space Cancels Documenta Programming After Harassment Incidents

After numerous artists reported that they were targets of racist and transphobic harassment in the German city of Kassel, Party Office, a New Delhi-based gallery and performance space that was invited to uplift queer voices at Documenta 15, suspended all live programming on June 19 , one day after the exhibition opened. In a statement … Read more

What Defines a Queer Space? 

What defines a queer space? Architecture historian Joshua Mardell and artist and designer Adam Nathaniel Furman’s anthology refuses to say outright — and that’s part of the point. Rather, the dozens of narratives that make up Queer Spaces: An Atlas of LGBTQ+ Places and Stories (Riba Publishing, 2022) open a window into alternative conceptions of … Read more

The Real Space Invaders

“Alien Abduction” (2022), prickly pear ink on paper, 8 x 6 inches. The first alien abduction happened in 1492, when Christopher Columbus kidnapped Indigenous people and took them back to his old world. Nopalfrom the Nahuatl word nohpalli (the common Spanish name for Opuntia cacti, generally referred to in English as prickly pear), has been … Read more

Documenta Artists Respond to ‘Racist’ Vandalism of Exhibition Space – ARTnews.com

Following last week’s vandalism of a Documenta exhibition space, nearly every artist involved in this year’s edition of the famed recurring art exhibition, called for the increased protection of Palestinian participants. Days before their statement was published on the platform e-flux, a documenta filed a criminal complaint with the city of Kassel, Germany, where the … Read more

Aesthetica Magazine – Taking Up Space

In 1998, Frances Borzello published the “first in-depth presentation” of self-portraits by women. Seeing Ourselves was lauded for its depth and variety, from the Renaissance portraits of Sofonisba Anguissola (c. 1532-1625) through to the so-called “abandon” of taboo in the 19th century by the likes Alice Neel, who completed a series of nude portraits at … Read more

Vandals Graffiti Documenta Exhibition Space of Palestinian Artist Group

On the morning of Saturday, May 28, vandalism was discovered in the exhibition space of Documenta 15, the quinquennial contemporary art show based in Kassel, Germany, that officially opens mid-June. Graffitied on walls and doors were several instances of the word “Peralta” and the number “187.” An anonymous statement that first appeared on Facebook suggests … Read more

Widline Cadet Explores How Images Echo Across Time and Space – ARTnews.com

Widline Cadet remembers playing soccer and catching birds that flocked to a backyard grapefruit tree in her birthplace, Haiti. But she migrated to the United States in 2002, at the age of ten, and hasn’t been back to Haiti since 2016. Many of her childhood memories have slipped away, and she now speaks more English … Read more

L.A.’s David Kordansky Gallery Opens Its New York Space – ARTnews.com

Even though the city has long nurtured generations of pioneering artists, much has been written about how Los Angeles has finally arrived in recent months amid the arrival of major enterprises, including Lisson and David Zwirner. But the reverse has happened this week in New York when the LA-based David Kordansky Gallery opened a 5,000-square-foot … Read more

Sam Spillman Reconstructs Memory while Renovating Ulterior’s New Space – ARTnews.com

The renovation underway at Ulterior’s new, roomier gallery—on Broadway, half a block north of Canal—is also an artwork. In the middle of the space, artist Sam Spillman has built additional walls to create a freestanding 7-by-12-by-7½-foot room whose two interior chambers are identically sized. In addition to fabricating this structure, Spillman has been refurbishing the … Read more