3 Inspiring Strategies for the IB Visual Arts Comparative Study

Have you ever wondered how much time people spend looking at art? The answer might shock you. Findings from a 2016 study claim people spend a mere 28.63 seconds on average. However, if your students are enrolled in IB Visual Arts, they will develop a more profound understanding of art. Your students can easily move … Read more

9 Strategies to Build Rapport With Your Students From the Start

It’s that time of year when we prepare to welcome new students into our art rooms. It is also the perfect time to plan activities to establish relationships and build rapport. Start from the beginning to set the tone. Cultivate a community of artists who are motivated to learn and succeed in the art room. … Read more

3 Strategies to Help Students Find Their Voice in the Art Room

Art teachers everywhere are familiar with students who want to give the “right” answer: “What do? you think I should do?” “What will get me the best grade?” “I don’t care. Can you tell me what to do?” The struggle lies in encouraging students to find their voice and become self-sufficient and self-assured. This need … Read more