Photographer Stéphan Gladieu Documents the Congolese Street Children Turning Waste into Wonder

Photography #costumes #masks #plastic #Stéphan Gladieu September 2, 2022 Gabrielle Lawrence All images © Stéphan Gladieu, shared with permission So dramatic, so strong, so visual,” artist Stephen Gladieu said of his first encounter with the revival of an ancestral folk art movement in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. Kinshasa is the capital of Congo but … Read more

Street Photography That Highlights the Female Gaze

Ask why blue-chip photography galleries represent fewer women than men, and you might hear a supply-side argument: “A century ago, there just weren’t that many women making museum-quality work.” A Female Gaze: Seven Decades of Women Street Photographers, now on view at Howard Greenberg Gallery, proves this theory false. Encompassing work by 12 women photographers … Read more

How Chronicling Street Art Works Against a Culture of Commodification

In 2013, I will witness a renaissance of street art and graffiti in New York City. To preserve this ephemeral art, I initiated a photography project, leading to a book, Outdoor Gallery: New York City published by Gingko Press. My book included photos of artworks and a unique, priceless compilation of oral history from 46 … Read more