How to Help Students Curate Exhibitions to Promote Ownership and Lessen the Load

Home / How to Help Students Curate Exhibitions to Promote Ownership and Lessen the Load “Does this ever get easier?” a seasoned art teacher asked me recently. She was telling me about the final art exhibition last school year. As a new teacher at her school, she was in a tizzy until the opening hour. … Read more

3 Environmental Art Lessons to Get Your Students Thinking Green

Going green is more than just color these days. It is a lifestyle! Today, recycling, eating organic, and starting a compost pile are as trendy as the next dance on TikTok. While these are fads that have the potential to even out our carbon footprint, you may be wondering how to incorporate some environmental thinking … Read more

Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month: Contemporary Hispanic Artists Your Students Will Love

From September 15th to October 15th, we celebrate and honor National Hispanic Heritage Month. If you’ve ever wondered why it begins in the middle of the month, it’s because September 15th is the day that several Latin American countries celebrate their independence, with Mexico’s and Chile’s falling shortly after. This is a great time for … Read more

12 Essential Understandings to Improve Your Art Students’ Research Habits

Home / 12 Essential Understandings to Improve Your Art Students’ Research Habits Picture this scenario: You introduce a new unit and reveal an art history topic to your students. After you outline a short artist-research project, your students visit their local library and check out quality source materials. They navigate the internet with ease and … Read more

How to Motivate Your Students Beyond Grades

Students come to your art room from many diverse backgrounds. They have different home lives, cultures, religions, and, of course, learning preferences. Along with those variations, you must also determine how to motivate each student. Motivation can be a tricky thing. After all, what works for one student may not work for another. For example, … Read more

9 Strategies to Build Rapport With Your Students From the Start

It’s that time of year when we prepare to welcome new students into our art rooms. It is also the perfect time to plan activities to establish relationships and build rapport. Start from the beginning to set the tone. Cultivate a community of artists who are motivated to learn and succeed in the art room. … Read more

3 Strategies to Help Students Find Their Voice in the Art Room

Art teachers everywhere are familiar with students who want to give the “right” answer: “What do? you think I should do?” “What will get me the best grade?” “I don’t care. Can you tell me what to do?” The struggle lies in encouraging students to find their voice and become self-sufficient and self-assured. This need … Read more

7 Things Art Education and Our Students Need From Us This Fall

Let’s take a collective pause. These past few years have been nothing short of exhausting. Days filled with grief, anger, and frustration have also contained joy, hope, and love. As we recharge our souls this summer, it’s important to reflect on this past school year. What have you noticed that feels so different than previous … Read more

How to Guide Students to Be Responsible Digital Citizens in the Art Room

Gen Z is the current generation of students. They are the first generation to have around-the-clock access to the internet and other advanced technologies. Because of that, they are often referred to as “digital citizens.” A digital citizen uses the internet regularly and effectively to gather, learn, and share information. Because the internet and technology … Read more