How David Lynch Found His Late Style in Lost Highway 

“I like to remember things my own way,” grumbles Fred Madison (Bill Pullman), explaining his distaste for video cameras to two police detectives. “How I remembered them … not necessarily the way they happened.” Were one to seek out the inaugural point of director David Lynch’s “late style,” this moment in his 1997 neo-noir thriller … Read more

Hana Yilma Godine’s Paintings Depict Ethiopian Traditions with Modern Style and Flair

There’s a world away from war, politics, or patriarchy. It’s lush. Flora, like that in “Beyond the sky #1” (2021) grows abundantly, as the waters that nourish it rush over sediment-rich cataracts. Some might call this place a modern paradise. A woman may enjoy having her hair done or preparing for a family wedding in … Read more