Recliner Decisions. Cooking Independently. – SUNDRIP – Art for Life

Recliner decisions. I was thinking about my recliner situation and several other household needs. I was thinking that if I purchased a used recliner even for $300 that it will take away from other needs. I’m going to have to move things around in my head and get creative. My main issue with the roomy, … Read more

On a steady healing course – SUNDRIP – Art for Life

Medical and Mental Health While intrusive thoughts are not as intense as before, they are still a problem. Sleep is still a problem so I’m strongly considering the suggestion from my psychiatrist who wants me to take a blood pressure medication that off label is used for post traumatic stress disorder. I told my Hematologist … Read more

This is new and scary existence – SUNDRIP – Art for Life

Content: Suicide is mentioned but not discussed in detail. This is the longest I’ve been alone since the hospitalization and everything that happened with it. I’m afraid because this is all so new and I’m doing it from a difficult position. From February 10th of 2018 until recently I’ve spent most of my days under … Read more