3 Tips to Navigate Sharing a Room With Another Teacher

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16 Things I Wish I Knew About Teaching as a New Art Teacher

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Top 10 Inspiring Art Teacher Instagram Accounts to Follow

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10 Supportive Ways for the Art Teacher to Cope With Burnout

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Celebrating Valuable Art Teacher Wins After Another Challenging Year

It has been another challenging year during a global pandemic. Art educators have faced evaluation changes, health and safety protocol whiplash, and difficult interactions with parents and students. Some teachers have resigned mid-year or are questioning returning to a profession they dreamed of since they were kids themselves. This is a lot. It is all … Read more

10 Ways for the Art Teacher to Get Involved With Field Day

As summer approaches, so does that annual day of enthusiasm, sweat, and sunscreen—elementary field day. Students live for this moment. Shouldn’t we live for it too? Instead of waiting to be assigned a station by your PE teacher buddy or a well-meaning parent volunteer, take your field day destiny into your own hands. Of course, … Read more