Best Pencil Sharpeners for Drawing and Writing Tools –

As age-old art accessories go, pencil sharpeners are a must. Sure, you can use a knife to create that perfect point, but why not just stick that dull writing implement in a snugly housed blade that will do the same—with much less effort? Some may like an easy and quick motorized option, while others might … Read more

Best Punch Needle Tools –

Combining the dexterity and accessibility of embroidery with the instant gratification of rug tufting, punch needling is a traditional fiber art that’s making a comeback. Using a handheld tool with a tapered needle—the punch needle—artists push yarn or thread through a backing, then back up, to form a continuous loop stitch. Although they essentially perform … Read more

An Artist Welcomes You With the Tools of Play Therapy

As I traversed Dawning: dust, seeds, coplees, Seoul-born, New York-based artist Mimi Park’s environmental installation at Lubov, I noticed the gallerist duct taping a fresh battery to one of the two vibrating toothbrush heads — with pipe cleaner accents, they resembled fishing flies — that roamed a small clearing . “Coplee Swarm” (2022) is normally … Read more

Best Art and Craft Tools for Alzheimer’s Patients –

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, ARTnews may receive an affiliate commission. People with Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia that affects memory and, in time, basic daily functioning, have the same emotional needs as everyone else. It can be intensely frustrating and disorienting to lose … Read more