There’s a New Rug-Maker in Town, Habibi 

Utah-based Lebanese American artist Pamela El Gergi with her tufting gun (all images courtesy the artist, all photos Bianca Velasquez/Hyperallergic) SALT LAKE CITY — A sweeping reclamation of traditional craftsmanship is taking place around the world, with artists forming communities around their uses of stained glass, jewelry, beading, and textiles. Seemingly unapproachable crafts (because of … Read more

The Fake Town Where Police Trained to Suppress Protests

In 1967, President Lyndon Johnson instigated the Kerner Commission, a wide-ranging investigation into the causes of the numerous civil uprisings in the US that marked the ’60s. The commission’s findings were some of the bluntest realism on race and class to come from an official mouthpiece of the government. Unambiguously, it found that racism and … Read more

Memorializing Blackdom, New Mexico’s First All-Black Town

LAS CRUCES, NM — Freedom Colonies and all-Black towns were established throughout the United States following the Emancipation Proclamation. The first instance of an all-Black town in New Mexico, named Blackdom, was founded around 1903 and stood 20 miles outside the city of Roswell. By 1918, it had a town square, a post office, church, … Read more