A Series Spotlights NY’s Underground Art and Cinema in the Early 1960s

A still from Breathdeath (1963) by Stan Vanderbeek (photo courtesy Film at Lincoln Center) The 1962 formation of the New American Cinema Group was a pivotal moment in art history. For the first time, United States filmmakers took control over their own work, representing a significant departure from Hollywood’s creative and legal constraints. “We don’t … Read more

Directors of Underground Museum Depart as Noah Davis Show Shutters – ARTnews.com

The Underground Museum, a nonprofit gallery and cultural center in Los Angeles, said on Tuesday that it would close its current exhibition of museum cofounder Noah Davis’s paintings early. Also in that announcement was news that the museum’s co-directors, Meg Onli and Cristina Pacheco, would be stepping down from their roles. Onli had joined as … Read more