Takahiko Iimura, Pioneering Video Artist and Filmmaker, Dies at 85 – ARTnews.com

Takahiko Iimura, an artist and filmmaker whose early experiments with video during the 1970s made him one of the first to use the medium to artistic ends, has died at 85. A representative for New York’s Microscope Gallery, which represents him, confirmed his death. Iimura’s experimental films of the ’60s gained him a following in … Read more

Connecticut Museum Accused of Censorship After Removing an “Inappropriate” Video

Still from Rebecca Goyette, “My Snake Is Bigger Than Your Snake” (2021) (image courtesy the artist) The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) has published an open letter to the Lyman Allyn Art Museum in New London, Connecticut, demanding the restoration of an artwork taken down in late June. Rebecca Goyette’s video installation “My Snake Is … Read more

How ‘Elden Ring’ Inspired Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Show About Video Games – ARTnews.com

Walk into any of the world’s biggest institutions, and you’re unlikely to encounter many video games. Right now, however, if you visit the Julia Stoschek Collection in Düsseldorf, these playable works will be the only thing you’ll encounter. To celebrate the space’s 15th anniversary, the eponymous German collector has turned her private museum over to … Read more

The World of Music Video Is Finally Adopting Restoration Efforts

Despite the steady pace of restoration work in film, the music video as a form has been slow to reap the same rewards. But a shift seems to be happening, with high-definition and 4K transfers being made for well-known videos. Many of these facelifts can be tied to anniversaries. The rabbit hole of financial motivations … Read more

With Inland Empire, David Lynch Crafted a Nightmare on Home Video

Words fail David Lynch. The filmmaker’s blunt, sometimes playful refusals to clarify the more opaque elements of his work are frequently lampooned, but they come from an earnest place. He withholds not to antagonize audiences, but because no explanation could possibly suffice. A painter by trade, Lynch shapes the worlds of his films primarily around … Read more

Why We Should Care About the Video Essay

In StillebenHarun Farocki’s 1995 essay film (or film essay), we see a comparison between still-life paintings from the 17th-century and current commercial advertisements. The film aims to explore how the arrangement of products in a setting, ready to be photographed, relates to the meticulous object studies seen in baroque paintings. We can approach the audiovisual … Read more

Ulysses Jenkins, a Daring Video Artist, Expanded Ideas of Blackness

LOS ANGELES — “You’re just a mass of images you’ve gotten to know / From years and years of TV shows / The hurting thing, the hidden pain / Was written and bitten into your veins,” chants artist Ulysses Jenkins in his 1978 video performance, “Mass of Images.” Considered to be one of the first … Read more

Video nasty? | Apollo Magazine

Rebecca Sonnenshine’s spooky new Netflix series Archive 81 has at its center a modern mystery: a collection of fire-damaged video tapes. Film conservator Dan (Mamoudou Athie) is offered the job of restoring these tapes by Virgil Davenport (Martin Donovan), owner of LMG, a shadowy corporation. The tapes were made in 1994 by NYU postdoctoral student … Read more