Join Us October 13 as We Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a Special Virtual Session! ¡Únanse a nosotros para celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana!

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn We invite you to join us in this bilingual session to celebrate, honor, and represent our cultural efforts in the field of art therapy! ¡Te invitamos a unirte con nosotros en esta sesión bilingüe para celebrar, honrar y representar nuestros esfuerzos culturales en la profesión de la terapia de arte! ¡La Asociación … Read more

The First Feature Documentary Made Entirely in Virtual Reality

In 2021, the idea of ​​the “Metaverse” crossed from science fiction circles into mainstream conversation when Facebook rebranded as “Meta” and announced that they were about to bring us to new frontiers of virtual reality. The response was largely tepid, with commentators unconvinced or unimpressed with their proposed metaverse. Since then, updates on the company’s … Read more

Robi Walters Makes Virtual Debut at Aston Martin Residences Gallery –

When exhibiting, London-based artist Robi Walters carefully curates his intricate, hand-cut, kaleidoscopic works to fit whichever gallery space he’s showing in. His latest exhibit, then, presented a special challenge. From February 28 to May 25, Walters’ “You’ll Know When You Get There” displays in a virtual gallery operated by the Aston Martin Residences in Miami, … Read more

Why Is a Virtual Veronese Artwork at a Physical Museum?

LONDON — In late 2020 Marina Abramovic sold via Christie’s what was billed as a “world first”: a Mixed Reality artwork viewed through a VR headset in which a hologram of the artist stepped into the viewer’s immediate environment, like a souped up Pokemon Go. Its ambition was to bring the artist’s “presence” to anyone … Read more

Presence and Absence in Virtual Reality Storytelling

The Museum of the Moving Image’s annual First Look program is a terrific way for New Yorkers to see some of the most exciting new experimental film and documentary work emerging early each year. The 2022 iteration includes several timely works about Ukrainian/post-Soviet history, a pre-COVID meditation on isolation from Poland, a survey of men … Read more