3 Inspiring Strategies for the IB Visual Arts Comparative Study

Have you ever wondered how much time people spend looking at art? The answer might shock you. Findings from a 2016 study claim people spend a mere 28.63 seconds on average. However, if your students are enrolled in IB Visual Arts, they will develop a more profound understanding of art. Your students can easily move … Read more

How to Improve the IB Process Portfolio Experience With Holistic Visual Journals

Home / How to Improve the IB Process Portfolio Experience With Holistic Visual Journals Take a moment to reflect. When was the last time you actively used a visual journal? What did it look like for you? Did you take your visual journal with you everywhere you went? Maybe you scribbled ideas on restaurant napkins … Read more

Mr. Eazi, Nigerian Music Star, Teams Up With African Visual Artists – ARTnews.com

Nigerian singer Mr. Eazi, a global popstar known for hits like Skin Tight,’ ‘Bankulize,’ and ‘Leg Over,’ is collaborating with top African visual artists for his upcoming debut album, the artist toldARTnews. For the album rollout, Eazi will work with contemporary artists to create unique art pieces to accompany each song. The pieces will be … Read more

Discussion Series Pairs 2019 McKnight Visual Artist Fellows With Critics and Curators

Posted inSponsored Conversations with Leslie Barlow, Mary Griep, Alexa Horochowski, Joe Sinness, Melvin R. Smith, and Tetsuya Yamada will be accessible online or in person at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Artwork by 2019 McKnight Fellows, from left to right, top to bottom: Leslie Barlow, “Nicole and Seth and their daughter (and daughter … Read more

Aesthetica Magazine – Visual Interpretation

“An artist makes art, but they are also a spectator of art,” says Finnish photographer Elina Brotherus (b. 1972). The artist is perhaps best known for crafting self portraits steeped in visual history – capturing herself stood in lakes, atop mountains or in fields of flowers. It’s a style which is instantly recognisable. Brotherus’ current … Read more

Visual Propaganda of Hate Groups Is on the Rise in America

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) 2021 Year in Hate and Extremism report, released March 11, indicates an increase in physical propaganda by hate and anti-government groups, even as the number of those groups has decreased. In a startling conclusion, the report said the decline of the number of hate groups stems from the fact … Read more

5 Points of Discovery to Unpack When You Teach IB Visual Arts

Whether new or seasoned, you are probably well aware that unpacking the International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts curriculum guide takes time to digest. The slur of new terms, matrixes, Venn diagrams, and acronyms can feel mind-boggling. Take a deep breath—you are not alone. The adjustment is often messy, sticky, and overwhelming. The open-ended course structure … Read more