Willie Cole Recycles Musical Instruments Into Outstanding Sculptures

Willie Cole, “Dial-a-Tune” (2022), Yamaha 3/4-size acoustic guitar parts (courtesy Alexander and Bonin, photo by Joerg Lohse) At the entrance to Willie Cole’s No Strings, a peacock of piano keys greets visitors from the center of the room. Instead of a rainbow plume, the New Jersey artist layered black sharps and flats atop a fan … Read more

Willie Rodger at the beach

Over the course of his career, the Scottish printmaker and painter Willie Rodger (1930–2018) observed almost everything about us and the world we’ve made, and he got it all down on paper. According to his son, he never went anywhere without his A5 sketchbook – ‘except, perhaps, to bed’. From those sketches he was able … Read more

Willie Birch Is Portraying the World as He Sees It – ARTnews.com

Fresh off a stellar appearance at last fall’s edition of the Prospect New Orleans triennial, Willie Birch is back in New York with a retrospective at Fort Gansevoort gallery. The show, which features a rich mix of hand-crafted, mixed media figurative sculptures and works on paper in acrylic painted papier mâché frames, is his first … Read more