The Wisdom and Wonder of India’s Leading Art Historian

A modern reconstruction of the “Flight of Birds” from a book cover of Fariduddin Attar’s Mantiq-al-TayrPrivate collection (all images courtesy India Allen Lane) When BN Goswamy, India’s foremost art historian, produces a book titled Conversations, the obvious question that springs to mind is “with whom?” The preface clarifies that the “whom” is also Goswamy, as … Read more

Met Gala Behavior and Other TikTok Wisdom From Devin Halbal

In only a few months, one Bronx native has blown up on TikTok with her distinctive catchphrases and terms — including the now-ubiquitous “Met Gala Behavior,” referring to the elegance associated with that annual fashion celebration, and “Doll,” referring to femmes who like to dress up. Devin Halbal has been increasing her TikTok fandom, encompassing … Read more