Documenta Controversy Continues as Hito Steyerl Withdraws Work

Hito Steyerl at Future Affairs Berlin 2019 (photo by Dominik Butzmann via Republica GmbH/Flickr) In the latest blow to an exhibition roiled by controversy, artist and filmmaker Hito Steyerl has withdrawn from Documenta 15, citing the organizers’ handling of antisemitism allegations and the ensuing fallout. Steyerl’s announcement came just days after Meron Mendel, head of … Read more

After Backlash, SVA Galleries Withdraws From Show Accused of “Exploiting Ukrainian Pain”

After facing criticism, SVA Galleries, a trio of Manhattan art galleries that belongs to the School of Visual Arts (SVA), has withdrawn from an exhibition that claimed to be in solidarity with Ukrainians. The show addressed the plight of Russian artists facing persecution and banned images of the war, which some viewed as co-opting the … Read more