Review: 161st Annual Exhibition of the Society of Women Artists (Part 1: Prizewinners)

Here’s a summary of the highlights of my review – which I apologise for truncating and posting late due to the events of this afternoon. Part 1: a packed Private View A good range of prizes – won by SWA members and open artists Part 2: 469 artworks on display – with a high standard … Read more

“Pioneers” Points to Women Artists’ Role in Avant-Garde and 20s Paris –

Jazz-age Paris, the era of Ernest Hemingway’s “moveable feast,” burns bright in the romantic imaginary as a time of liberty and libertinism. This euphoric vision is at once confirmed and denied in the Musée du Luxembourg’s “Pioneers,” a survey of women artists who worked in 1920s Paris. As curators Camille Moreneau and Lucia Pesapane explain … Read more

Women Lead Phillips $21 M. London Evening Sale –

In the last stretch of auctions staged in London this week, Phillips held an evening sale offering works of modern and contemporary art evening at its UK headquarters, bringing in a combined total of £17.5 million ($21 million) with fees. The 33 lots offered spanned works from mid-career artists like Shara Hughes and Caroline Walker … Read more

Asian Women and Nonbinary Artists Paint Their Major Feelings

The term “Asian American” was born in 1968 at UC Berkeley when a Chinese American and Japanese American couple recruited members for their coalition, the Asian American Pacific Alliance (AAPA), flipping through the campus directory and contacting everyone whose last name sounded Asian enough . Little surprise, then, that half a century later the integrity … Read more

Muskegon Museum Will Open a Gallery Dedicated to Women Artists –

The state of Michigan is shaped like hand, swaddled by two Great Lakes: Huron to the East and Lake Michigan to the West. The latter breaches the state via the estuary Muskegon Lake. Viewed from above, the town of Muskegon is a pin on a great blue expanse. And a pin on a pin, situated … Read more

Marilyn Minter and Jenna Gribbon Talk the Show ‘Women Painting Women’ –

Few institutional shows have dwelled on the question of what happens to the convention of the muse when both an artist and their subject are women. “Women Painting Women” at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is among the exceptions to explore that potent alchemy of talent, identity, and insight. Conceived by chief curated … Read more

Women Dominate at Sotheby’s $283.4 M. Contemporary Art Sales –

Sotheby’s staged two back-to-back sales of contemporary art on Thursday evening, bringing in a combined total of $283.4 million with fees. The 50 lots offered spanned works from young newcomers like Anna Weyant and pieces by well-established figures like Francis Bacon. 49 works sold, with two withdrawn in advance. Eighteen lots in the auctions were … Read more

The Overlooked Women Filmmakers of the Anti-Colonial Movement

They must be in the images, behind the camera, in the editing room and involved in every stage of the making of a film. African women must be everywhere — they must be the ones to talk about their problems. This quote from the late great filmmaker Sarah Maldoror forms the ideological foundation of the … Read more