Capturing the Lovers of New York’s Beaches

Erica Reade, “Sandwiched” (2021), black-and-white photograph (all photos by and courtesy Erica Reade) Photographer Erica Reade has been a regular visitor to New York’s beaches ever since she moved to the city in 2006, but it wasn’t until 2015 that she was struck by photographic inspiration there. In May 2015, she began shooting a body … Read more

New York’s Independent to Launch 20th-Century Art Fair in September –

At the most important art fairs anywhere in the world, you can expect to find dozens, if not hundreds, of booths that feature works by today’s hottest artists. But at a new fair coming to New York this September, almost everything on view will be by artists who were active in the 20th century. That … Read more

Iconic H. R. Giger Work Heads to Sale at New York’s Independent Fair –

At this year’s Independent Fair in New York, there are the requisite “rediscoveries,” like Birgit Jürgenssen, straight from the Venice Biennale to Galerie Hubert Winter’s booth, and the semi-unexpected oddities, like Renate Druks’s perplexing paintings of cats, now on view in a showcase courtesy of the Ranch. But nothing makes an impression in quite the … Read more

New York’s Best Documentary Festival Makes Its Return

Film at Lincoln Center’s Art of the Real is only on its ninth edition, but in its short lifetime it has become the most exciting documentary-focused film festival in New York. An exceptionally curated event, it brings together the most formally inventive and boundary-pushing recent works of nonfiction from across the globe — many of … Read more

Watch Celebrated New Films From Japan at New York’s IFC Center

Posted inSponsored Starting March 11 and ending on the 17th, the movie theater is showing daily screenings of Yujiro Harumoto’s A Balance and Keisuke Yoshida’s Blue. From A Balance (2021) dir. Yujiro Harumoto Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (ACA) in collaboration with the IFC Center and Visual Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO) is proud … Read more